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2012 / 2013 WBB Brewer of the year is…

Nathan Koop.

Congrats Nathan on winning Winnipeg Brew Bomber Brewer of the year and thanks for all the hard work you put into making our club’s year awesome.  Nathan put in a lot of effort designing and purchasing WBB bottle openers, he organized a judging trip to ALES comp in Regina to represent the Brew Bombers, he helped make Swim Manitoba’s craft beer night a success, he is studying to become a BJCP judge, he donated countless beers to our raffles and for the club to try, and he is presently a integral member of the committee to make our first ever Pro-AM brew challenge  a reality.  This is what Nathan said about the night he won:

“Last brewclub meeting of the year last night.

1) I got some beers from a club member
2) I won the raffle
3) I won the competition (and Jeremy Koop too)
4) I won the BrewBomber of the Year

Pretty good night.”

Thanks again, Nathan and I can’t wait to see who steps up next year to win the coveted prize of WBB Brewer of the Year.

New Executive for 2013-2014

During the May meeting, we elected a new board for the WBB’s 2013-2014 brew year.

They are:

President: Mark Borowski

Vice-President: David Phillips

Treasurer: Ken Allan

Secretary: Brett Aho

A special thanks goes out to Sean and Jack who have spent many years on the board lending their wisdom and expertise to the membership.


Big Brew style of 2013 announced.

Our February Malt forward competition had eight entries and they were all well-crafted brews that were enjoyed by our members.  The winners of the competition were:

3rd place: Ken Yost for his Barley Wine.

2nd place: Mark Borowski for his Russian Imperial Stout

1st place: Jared Carlberg for his Eisbock

Special thanks to Nathan, Sean, Roger, Chris, and Bob for entering your beverages.  They were all very tasty beers.

Since Jared won the competition, he had the opportunity to choose the big brew of 2013.  After some deliberation, he decided that the Winnipeg Brew Bombers will be making a Dunkelweizen at Half Pints Brewing Co.

As soon as we have the costs broken down, we will let you know how much 23 liters of wort will cost each member.  Payment will be accepted at our March 5th meeting. Unfortunately, we will only be able to fill about 43 carboys so it will be on a first pay, first served basis.



Change of Venue for February meeting

Hello Members,

We have changed our meeting space for the February meeting to Fort Garry Brewery.

Tuesday Feb. 5th, 2012
Fort Garry Brewery
130 Lowson
Winnipeg, MB

We will more than likely hold the meeting in the warehouse to accommodate the club. The Malt Forward competition is still a go so bring your malty beverages to be judged by your peers. Group A, it is your turn to bring food to the meeting. See if you can bring food that would pair well with dark beer.


March Big Brew

Half Pints Brewing Company is once again allowing us to brew a batch of wort on their Premises.  The date of the Big Brew is March 17th starting at about 9 AM (exact time to be confirmed later).

You will be allowed to fill up one 23 liter carboy or bucket (Cost of wort TBD)

You must be a paid member in good standing.

You will be responsible for adding the yeast to your fermentor at home. You have free reign to use any yeast you want.

Due to a couple hiccups last year, we will check, clean, and sanitize your fermentors on site to make sure they will not pass on any bacteria to other carboys.

This year, we will give you the opportunity to vote for what beer style you want to brew.


  Update: January 11, 2013 – Since we do not have 51 members of the Winnipeg Brew Bombers, it looks like someone(s)took into their hands to skew the results. As the president, I am making an executive decision:  “The Irish Red and the Wheat Beer are tied at 16 votes each and the winner of the Malt Forward competition in February will choose the beer style to be brewed.”