Club Creative Competition

The creative competition allows club members to put caution (and BJCP style guidelines) aside, and showcase their creativity!

This season (2023/2024), the competition is called “Supermarket Sweep”. The idea is to find some creative adjuncts from a local grocery store and make a truly unique but enjoyable beer.

New this year: Even though it’s only open to club members, this year’s creative competition is registered with BJCP, making it possible for local judges to accumulate experience points.


1st Place
Hazelnut Espresso Stout, brewed by Steve Couch

2nd Place
Smoothie Sour (with mango and tamarind), brewed by Steve Shaw

3rd Place
Ail Ale (Cream Ale with garlic), brewed by Dan Molinski

Congratulations to the winners, and great work from all the brewers who participated.