Half Pints Pro/Am Challenge

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The Winnipeg Brew Bombers are pleased to announce the second annual Half Pints Pro/Am Brew Challenge.

Registration is now open at http://registration.winnipegbrewbombers.ca

After a very successful inaugural event last year with more than 400 entries, we are back and ready for more.

We have a couple of changes planned.

New dates: There were a few weather challenges last year, so we’ve pushed the dates up a bit. This year, it’s Sept 29– Oct 4, 2014, with judging taking place Oct. 1 to 4.

Limited entries:  We have limited the amount of entries to six per brewer (both amateur and professional). There will be a prize for the pro and amateur brewer who receives the most accumulated points.

More fun: We will have more casual interaction and more great food and beer. We are planning additional events surrounding the competition so that judges, stewards, competitors and casual craft beer fans can gather together and enjoy some of the fantastic beer and food available here in Winnipeg. Click here for more information: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. (You can also click the “Half Pints Pro/ Am Challenge” in the header above).

Back again: We are thrilled to have Half Pints back as our title sponsor. Like last year, they will brew the winning amateur beer at their brewery and bring it to market. Last year’s Best in Show winning beer, brewed by Dean Kelly of Saskatoon, will be available during the competition so you’ll be able to try it.

We will have other great prizes to give away and amazing feedback by BJCP certified judges.

Check back for more details as they become available.

We look forward to your entries, and happy brewing.

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors for the Half Pints Pro/Am Brew Challenge.


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5 Responses to Half Pints Pro/Am Challenge

  1. Mike Ozero says:

    my buddies and i have about 20 brews to sift through for competition. if there are 4 of us from the same brew club is the 6 entry min imposed on the club or can we spread it across for the individual. Also last year there were no standings posted for those who didn’t place. could there be a change so we can see our standing if we don’t place in a category. good luck to all.

    • Nathan says:

      Hello Mike,

      We accept up to 6 brews per person, it’s not based on the club. If you feel like different people brewed the beers then go ahead an register them. You’ll just need several different people registered.

      As for the standings for people who didn’t medal. We will not be releasing that information this year.

      The main issue that we see with this is that it could discourage people from entering their beer. We want to promote and celebrate the top results, not have any focus be on the bottom results. I would like the focus of brewers of lower scoring beers to be on the evaluation and suggestions on their scoresheet, not on what they placed in the rankings.

  2. RobD says:

    When will the website be available to submit entries?

  3. Thom says:

    I am stoked can’t wait already have 2 beers now I just have to choose the other 4 decisions decisions .

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