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2024-25 Club Election Call for Candidates

Club elections for next season’s exec will kick off during the season windup BBQ at Half-Pints on Saturday June 8th.  Whether you’re at the BBQ or not, please make the time to review the candidates and submit your vote (the page is only visible to registered members).

Below is a short writeup of the current exec roles, as well as an estimate of monthly time commitment outside of club meetings and events.  If you are interested, message Marc with the position you would like to run for and a brief write up about your ideas/goals for the upcoming year.


Typical Activities / Responsibilities:

  • Lead meetings
  • Planning Club meeting agenda and content
  • Arrange meeting locations
  • Plan and coordinate field trips for members
  • Answer emails from Club members
  • Plan the Club Kit, organize voting, and coordinate with Grain to Glass for kit building
  • Arrange Creative Comp
  • Apply for Special Sale permit via LGCA for competitions
  • Set up BJCP connections for competitions
  • Arrange Big Brew and coordinate with host brewery for brew date, aid in selling beer produced
  • Plan and arrange Club Wind-Up party
  • Keep mailing list up-to-date
  • Monthly meetings (first Tuesday) and executive meetings (second Tuesday)
  • Attend quarterly Canadian Homebrews meetings
  • Maintain relationship with LGCA regarding sampling homebrew in meetings
  • Assist other Executive members when/where needed

Average monthly time commitment:

  • 4-7 hours excluding Club & Executive meetings

Vice President:

Typical Activities / Responsibilities:

  • Lead meetings in absence of President
  • Assist in coordinating club activities
  • Assist in planning meeting content
  • Manage merchandise 
  • Fill in for other Exec members as required

Average monthly time commitment:

  • 2 – 3 hours


Typical Activities / Responsibilities:

  • Working with the Club Executive to ensure that the Club is on sound financial setting by ensuring that Club activities can be funded based on Club resources
  • Working with the Pro/Am competition committee to ensure the competition is financial self-sufficient  
  • Managing and tracking the cash flows of the Club and Competition including their respective bank accounts and payment of Club and Competition expenses. 
  • Running the monthly raffle draw including purchasing beers

Average monthly time commitment:

  • 1 – 2 hours


Typical Activities / Responsibilities:

  • Record keeper
  • Agendas for club meetings
  • Notes/Minutes for exec meetings
  • Track/update action items throughout the season
  • Assistant to other executives
  • Help out as required
  • Draft/send communications to members
  • Set up surveys/forms
  • Updates to the club website
  • etc.

Average monthly time commitment:

  • 3 – 6 hours

March Meeting, Creative Comp, Club Kits

Hi Brewers!  We have some great updates for you!

March 5th Meeting & Creative Competition:

Our next meeting will be at Oxus. 

If you brewed something for the Supermarket Sweep, please arrive at 6:30pm with enough to go around because we have a permit! This means we will be able to sample and evaluate the beers during the meeting.  Not only that, but we’ve also registered the competition with BJCP, so if you’re pursuing points be sure to attend and participate. 
There are prizes from our fantastic local homebrew suppliers to be awarded for the top three beers – 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets what’s left.

  • Either a 5 Gallon ball-lock keg, or a 25kg bag of Pale malt from Grape & Grain
  • $125 gift certificate from Grain to Glass
  • $75 gift certificate from Grain to Glass

The 1st place winner will also get to help craft the recipe for the Big Brew.

Club Kit

The order has been placed and should be delivered by the end of the week. Once the ingredients arrive we’ll need some some volunteers to meet up and help split everything up into the individual kits.

The recipe itself is posted and available here

April Meeting

Our April 2nd meeting will take place at the CMBTC.  It’ll be our first time there since before the pandemic, so hopefully you all can make it.

LAST CALL for Club Kits

Hi Brewers!

We have 52 full members who are technically entitled to a club kit, but only 27 people have responded to the All-Grain vs. Extract survey.

We don’t want to order 52 kits if that means 25 of them aren’t going to be picked up.  That said, we will only be ordering kits for those members who have completed the survey, and therefore this is the last reminder before we place the order.

The survey is now closed. If you missed it, just let us know. We’ll be ordering few extra kits.

Pro/Am, Creative Competition, January Meeting, and other Updates

Hey brewers!

We have some big updates, most of which were shared at the last meeting.  There’s a lot of information here, so please read everything!

Pro/Am Awards night was a great success.  Thanks to those who showed up to support the event, and the competition.  We live streamed the awards for the first time ever, so if you’re interested you can watch that here.  If you placed in any of the categories, we’re still waiting on a few items to be delivered before we can divvy up and ship out prizes. There will be a central pickup point for local winners – stand by for a separate update email on that.

Also regarding the Pro/Am, planning for 2024 is already under way with Dave Cole leading as Competition Director, and Steph Barten as Competition Coordinator.  If you’re interested in pitching in with planning or executing the competition in any way, or if you have any questions about the Pro/Am, please reach out to them directly.

The Club Kit style for this season has been chosen.  We’ll be making a Dark Mild.  We’re working on a recipe now and may be brewing a test batch, but if you’ve got a recipe you think is good, or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please share!

The final details of the Club Creative Competition, aka “Supermarket Sweep” have been decided and posted here.

We’ve decided to bring back the snack potluck to club meetings! Starting with the January meeting. The list of active club members has been sorted alphabetically by last name and split into three groups. Check your email to see if you’re in the first group. If you’re on the list and you’re coming to the meeting on January 9th, please do your part and bring a snack to share with everyone. It can be anything from cookies, crackers, and chips to vegetables, fruit, and meats.

January’s meeting, unlike other meetings, is the second Tuesday of the month. It will be an Off-Flavours seminar! This is historically one of our more popular meetings so we’re scoping out a meeting location that can suit more attendees. Keep an eye on the Club Calendar for info. We’ll also send a reminder leading up to the meeting.

Finally, we’ve set up a new Member Feedback page on the website accessible to active registered members, which allows you to submit confidential, anonymous messages to the club executives. We recognize that many members have thoughts and ideas about the club but don’t always feel comfortable sharing directly with the club executives, so we wanted to provide this as an alternate channel of communication. Your input is important to us and we want to hear what you have to say so that we can make sure the club is heading in the right direction.