CMBTC Brew Bombers Competition

The fine folks at Beer Awards Platform have helped us out with the CMBTC competition, so for anyone wanting to participate, you can register here:

Note that there is a cap of 25 entries, and a limit of one entry per person.

All the information is on the competition page, but I’ll paste it here for convenience.

  • Only registered club members are permitted to enter
  • CMBTC will provide 4 kg of pale malt per participant. Click here for malt specifications
  • The malt can be picked up at Grain-to-Glass starting Saturday July 13th.
  • Beers must use a majority of CMBTC malt as part of their grain bill (>50%).
  • Beers can be any style, so you may need to brew a smaller volume if you choose to do a higher gravity brew.
  • Beers must be submitted to Oxus Brewing before they close on Saturday September 14th
  • The winner will be announced during the October meeting, with the main prize being a brew day on the CMBTC brewing system using your recipe!
  • The will be served at the CMBTC Christmas Open House.
  • Second and third place prizes are TBD.