Club Brew 2012 – Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier  “Black lager”

5.5 gallons / 21 liters

2.04 KG Vienna Malt

2.04 KG Munich Dark

.45 KG Pilsner Malt

.23 Caramunich I

.23 Carafa III

.23 Cara-pils Dextrine

90 minute boil

45 Grams Perle @ 60 min

28 Grams Hallertau @ 1 min

(optional 14 Grams Hallertau after wort is chilled) * not supplied

Yeast Saflager 34/70 or Wyeast 2124


**********Extract version (w/ steeping grains)***************

Schwarzbier  “Black lager”

Water:                  5.5 gallons / 21 liters (post boil)

Malt Bill:

3.4 kg Pale Liquid Malt Extract (about 1.046 SG in 21 L)

230g Carafa III (Steeping grain)

230g Caramunich I (steeping  grain)


Hops & Schedule:

10-45* g – Perle @ 60 min

28 g – Hallertau @ 1 min

(optional 14 g Hallertau after wort is chilled) * not supplied


Yeast:  Yeast Saflager 34/70 (re-hydrated) or Wyeast 2124 (in a starter)


Primary Fermentation:    1-2 weeks around 8-12°C

Secondary/ lagering:        3-12 weeks around 2°C

Estimated Final Gravity:  1.010 – 1.014

Steep the grains in hot (not boiling) water for 10 – 30 min. It is not recommended to steep longer than 30 min. Strain out the grains keeping the “grain tea” you have made. Do not “wring out” the bag of wet grain, allow grain bag to drip dry into the brew pot for a while if desired.  The grains can be recycled, reused, or thrown away. Add the “grain tea” to your boil pot. Fill the boil pot to the appropriate level (whatever total volume you can hold), heat the water hot, and turn off the burner. Add all the malt extract while continuously stirring to avoid scorching on the bottom of the pot. Turn the burner back on and boil for the time you have allotted. Add the hops at the appropriate times. Chill the wort after the boil is over as quickly as possible. Pitch (Add) about “356 Billion” yeast cells (see for details) when the wort has reached primary fermentation temperature (about 8-12°C).


*Adding Hops with extract

If able to boil a full bath (22-23 L), you could theoretically add all the Perle hops (45g) at boil and boil for 20 min. to reach the target IBU.  Use an IBU calculator with your batch size to figure out your hop additions. Target 22 – 32 IBU (based on the BJCP guidelines) Hint: To figure out the estimated specific gravity of a smaller batch size with all the malt extract added, try this equation. “254 / batch size in gallons”, (i.e.: 254 pts/ 5.5 gallons = 46 pts or 1.046 SG).

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