Big Brew 2019

Hey Everyone,

It’s hard to believe there’s only 4 meetings left in the season! It feels like it’s been flying by. March is here and with it comes the Big Brew.

Traditionally the Big Brew has always (to my knowledge) been held at Half Pints. Half Pints has been a gracious host to the club over the years and I want to personally thank them for what they’ve done for us through the years. However, due to logistical reasons (occupancy limit and space issues) we have to look elsewhere. Just in case some have been wondering why we haven’t met there (except for the first meeting of the year) lately. We’ve simply grown too big and we don’t want to cause them any issues. I’ve been talking with Sean S (yep. there’s a lot of us) at Oxus Brewing Co. and he’s going to be hosting us this year. We’re booked in for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th). Sean himself (as some of you know) was a former member of the club and has been eager to give back

The only catch is that we can only do 500 L at a time. Rather than do a double batch in one day (a very long day) he’s going to run a 500 L batch the day before and store it at 0 C for us, then we can just focus on the one 500 L batch.

The estimated cost for attending the Big Brew is $25, but we’ll have to see what the cost of the ingredients will end up at. Also the event is open to any Winnipeg Brew Bombers member that has paid for their 2018/2019 membership. If you haven’t paid yet but would like to enter there’s still time to pay the dues (you can send an email to Also note that in the cost of the membership you get a steak at the end of year BBQ. 🙂

There’s also limited space so we’re limited to 50 spots. If you would like to attend please RSVP to myself ASAP.

The choice for this year’s Big Brew has been narrowed down to three styles. If you’re planning to attend you can vote on the style you wish to do here:

I’ll leave the vote open until the end of the week (Sunday).

More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.