President: Rob Mieth
president (at)

Vice President: Jeremy Grisim
vicepresident (at)

Treasurer: Paul Mailhot
treasurer (at)

Secretary/Website: Paul Tower
secretary (at)

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  1. Matt Stiers says:


    I’m actually from Windsor unfortunately, otherwise I’d definitely join. The good thing is my Brother-in-law does live in Winnipeg and has just gotten into brewing. I was thinking it might be cool to get him a membership for Christmas. Is that a possibility. My wife and I get into town around 12pm on Dec 21. My BIL’s name is Andrew Serduletz, can you check your membership roster to make sure he hasn’t already joined. If he hasn’t please let me know if we can work something out.



  2. Brian H says:

    Hello Rob,

    My name is Brian and I am longtime member of the Canadian breweriana collecting club, The Great White North Brewerianists (based in Winnipeg since 1988).

    The GWN is a hobby club, which brings together collectors of all breweriana items from around the world. Items would include things like cans, bottles, neon signs, tap handles, etc.

    I am also responsible for the creation and design of my club’s new website, which has launched today.

    I am wondering if your club would be interested in creating a dual partnership by exchanging our club’s website links?

    I am hoping that you will be able to put our club’s name and new website address on your links page. By doing this, you would certainly help the Great White North raise its profile within the community. In turn, I would hope to help raise your club’s profile to individuals not yet aware of your club’s existence.

    Our club’s website is:

    I ask that you please take some time to review our website and decide if such a partnership of exchanging links is would be of interest to your group.

    Perhaps. you and members from your club would be interested in attending each others club meetings, to better introduce ourselves and become more acquainted as we are a part of the same local beer community. I was fortunate to meet Jeremy and Nathan and it was great getting acquainted with them.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Brian!

      Thank for your interest! I’ll mention it to our new executive, but I don’t see a reason why both clubs cant partner up on each others websites. Cheers!!!

  3. Erin Hill says:


    My name is Erin and I’m a Creative Communications student at Red River College. One of our major assignments for this semester is to create a magazine (an original topic, articles, ads and more) from scratch. My group has picked beer for our topic and my feature article is on the home brewing community of Winnipeg. I would love to talk to anyone who brews their own beer and is willing to talk to me.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible because my deadline is approaching fast. If anyone is interested, please let me know at my email:
    Erin Hill

  4. Stefan says:

    Hi guys! Does anyone know a source for Potassium bicarbonate in Winnipeg? Just finished a telephone marathon and not one person even knew what I was talking about.
    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

  5. Eric says:

    Can anyone show up at any meeting? I’ve been interested in attending for a few months now but I have always been busy with work. I will finally be free next meeting on May 6th. Can I just show up?


  6. Blaine Workman says:

    I’m interested in getting into kegging my homebrew. Any suggestions on where in Winnipeg to purchase the equipment (used or new)?

  7. c flett says:

    im looking for 5.2 stabilizer ,if anyone can help me ,please get back to me or just brewing salts thanks .. ..

    • brewpres says:

      I seem to recall Brewer’s Direct on Sargent (Winnipeg) carries that product. Give them a call to confirm.

  8. I have made quite a selections of wine,mspirots and beers over 40 yrearsand although i have been off for a bit, I would like to join and see where it goes! In want malt/ grain beers and all grain ones as well

    Portage la prairie

  9. jeff says:

    Any advice on where to refill co2 tanks for your kegging system? ideally somewhere open on the weekend?

    • BrewSec says:

      Sorry Jeff, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a place that will refill homebrewers CO2. I’m not sure why businesses aren’t jumping on this opportunity. I’d check the “fire and safety” stores. I use ABC Fire and Safety but as I understand it, they have stopped accepting homebrewers tanks to fill. Not entirely sure if that’s true. It will be difficult to find a place that’s open on the weekend. Sorry I can’t be much more help then that!

  10. Michael Cuell says:

    Hi folks. I’ve just returned to brewing after moving from Edmonton a few years ago. I would like to come and check out the club some time. I’m actually free this month for a change. I’m mostly an extract brewer, but this year I’m going to experiment with partial mash, BIAB, and small scale all-grain.

  11. Mario says:

    Interested in joining. Would like to learn more

    • brewpres says:

      Thanks for taking an interest in the Winnipeg Brew Bombers homebrewing club. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, except for Sept. & Jan. Due to the holidays, we meet the second Tuesday of those months. We alternate between meeting at the Grape and Grain (726 Osbourne) and Half Pints Brewing Company (550 Roseberry) and sometimes at Fort Garry Brewing (130 Lowson). You can check out the “events” page on our website ( to see what some of our meeting themes are. We basically meet, talk about the brewing themed item for the evening and share some homebrew with each other!!
      You are more than welcome to attend a meeting and see if it’s for you. If you do choose to join, it would typically be $25 for the year. Because the year is almost half over, late joining members are being ask to pay $10 for their club dues. You may audit the first meeting to see if it is a fit for you.

      We are meeting next on Feb 5th. Come out and enjoy some malt forward beer and vote for your favourite.

      If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to add you to our club mailing list.

  12. Darrell Robinson says:

    I would like to be added to the e-mail list, I’m not sure if you have to be a member but I like what you guys offer on the website and I look to get more involved once I have a few more brews under my belt. I’m pretty green, my first brew didn’t turn out but my second is promising.



  13. Sandra Gowan says:

    Hi, I appreciate you guys putting up a link to my website! I have changed my business name and I have a new website/domain name. Please change the link for to I’m not sure how much longer the link will be active.
    Sandra Gowan, Owner, Prairie GEM Hops (formerly Seeds to Blooms)

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