Local Links:
Grape and Grain – Home Brewing Supply Store
Grain To Glass – Home Brewing Supply Store
Half Pints – Winnipeg’s Own
Prairie Gem Hops – Local Hop Grower
How to pack bottles for shipping to competitions – Club member video

Club Documents & Presentations:
adjuncts slides

Brewing Links:
American Homebrewers Association
Basic Brewing – Homebrewing Podcast
The Brewing Network – Homebrewing Podcast
Homebrew Talk – Homebrewing Forum
Mad Fermentationist – Brewing Blog

Canadian Homebrewing Clubs:
Ales & Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan
The Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
Edmonton Homebrewers Guild
The MontreAlers

2 Responses to Links

  1. ron walker says:

    I would like to know more about becomeing a member

    • brewpres says:

      It’s awesome.

      We meet once a month at either Grape and Grain or at Half Pints Brewery. It costs $25 to join for the year which includes the Club Brew ingredients and the year end wind up costs. The ingredients for the club brew will be handed out during our November meeting and will keep only a few for late comers. The membership consists of brand new brewers to a seasoned professional, and the 2012 Canadian Homebrewer of the Year is also a member of the club. Obviously, we talk about beer and how to make better beer. If you are interested in joining, send the President an email and I’ll put you on our email list. Then it’s a matter of showing up to the meetings, bring some food if it’s your turn.

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