Club FAQ

The follow are some frequently asked questions about the Winnipeg Brew Bombers

How do I join?

Simply show up to a meeting and talk to the president. He will introduce him self at the start of every meeting.

Where and when are meetings?

See the calendar of events link for meeting locations and times. They are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7:30. This may be different if there is a long weekend so always go by what the calendar says. We typically hold meetings at either Half Pints (550 Roseberry St)or Fort Garry (130 Lowson Cre)  breweries.

* Also note the club only holds meetings September – May. June is a members only windup.

Do I need to check the website every month for meeting locations?

Once you decide to join, there are optional email lists. One is for important club information only, where meeting reminders will be emailed to you.

Is there a cost to join the club?

The Brew Bombers are a not for profit organization.  Although attending the club meetings is free we do have member dues of approximately $35. This is to cover the cost of a club kit (5 gl batch of beer ingredients available in either all grain or extract kits) that each member receives. It also covers the cost of steaks for the club windup.

Do I need to bring beer to meetings?

Absolutely not! While many members like to get feedback on their most recent brews, this is not a requirement in any way.

I’m still not sure this is for me, or I still have questions.

Send a message to the club president and he can help you out!

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  1. Matt Stiers says:


    I’m actually from Windsor unfortunately, otherwise I’d definitely join. The good thing is my Brother-in-law does live in Winnipeg and has just gotten into brewing. I was thinking it might be cool to get him a membership for Christmas. Is that a possibility. My wife and I get into town around 12pm on Dec 21. My BIL’s name is Andrew Serduletz, can you check your membership roster to make sure he hasn’t already joined. If he hasn’t please let me know if we can work something out.



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