Mad Tom IPA

I bought a bottle of the Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom IPA from the MLCC and I thought I would give it a quick review.  The beer comes in a 355ml bottle and sits at 6.4%ABV.  It pours a clear, vibrant gold with awesome head retention and picturesque lacing.  The Chinook and Centennial hop aroma really came through with a nice, spicy, piney, citrusy smell.  I spent a lot of time sniffing the beer.  I really enjoyed that smell.  Very complex and enjoyable.  I was a little let down by the taste of dry, tart grapefruit.  That was the overpowering flavour for me.  It was balanced nicely with the malt but it didn’t have a lot of depth.  For grapefruit forward beers, I would probably choose Blood Alley ESB  over this because that one had a little more depth to the flavour profile. (Mark)