NetherWorld Cascadian Dark Ale

NetherWorld Cascadian Dark Ale is from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery.  The beer came in a 355ML bottle and is a healthy 6% ABV.  It pours a nice black colour with ruby highlights and the tan head sticks around to the end like a good friend.

If you like a heavy Cascade Hop aroma, you will find this very appealing to your olfactory senses.  There are some nice spicy notes to this as well.

When drinking this beverage, the flavour comes at you in waves.  At first you taste the citrusy hops, then the dark, roasty malt with frothy coffee notes smooth out the hop intensity and finally you’re left with a mild lingering bitterness.  Repeat the process until it’s gone but that may happen way too soon.   I wish it came in a bigger bottle.  I drank this beer shortly before I went to bed and I contemplated not brushing my teeth because my mouth was still enjoying the beer.  In the end, I did brush my teeth because that would be a little weird.

I really enjoyed this beer so I think I’m going to try to make a batch similar to this.  I figure the recipe will call for domestic 2 row, some crystal malts and black patent. I didn’t taste any chocolate malt but I could be wrong. I think 25 to 30 IBUS of Magnum hops at 60 minutes would duplicate the bitterness level.  Of course there would be a whole swack of Cascade hops as late additions and in the secondary.  The yeast seemed to be very clean and neutral, so maybe Wyeast 1056.  Not sure on that.

Any advice would be appreciated.  (Mark)