Awards Ceremony

Pro/ Am Competition Awards Ceremony

Eager to find out the results of the Pro/ Am competition?

Half Pints Brewing Company CEO and co-founder Nicole Barry will host an evening of beer discussion, award presentations and festivities. Special guest speakers from the home and professional brewing worlds will share thoughts on craft beer.

Local competition winners from each category will be announced and the Best of Show winners will be crowned.

The Awards Ceremony will be held at Barley Brothers Tap house (655 Empress) starting at 7:00pm.

14 thoughts on “Awards Ceremony

  1. I had 4 entries in the competition, paid by cheque. Cheque was cashed, but only 3/4 entries are showing as paid when I log in to my account on the registration site, and also only 3/4 of my scores are showing. Does that mean 1 of my entries wasn’t judged because of an error?

  2. Hi

    I’ve looked at the winner list and I saw that for categories 14 and 29, there are missing medals. Is it normal ?

    1. Hello Yannick,

      Category 14 & 29 were combined (IPA & Black IPA), so you’ll notice that Category 14 has a silver medal and Category 29 has both a gold & bronze.

      These are split due to a limitation in the software.


  3. Hi Nathan’

    Have you guys compiled and sent out the scoresheets yet? I have not seen anything in my email or on thr website. thanks,


      1. Nathan, maybe I’m misunderstanding your comment, but did you say that you were emailing score sheets earlier this week? I have not yet received any and want to make sure I didn’t end up putting down an incorrect email or something.

        1. No, you did not misunderstand.

          I apologize, but it’s been delayed for a couple days unfortunately,
          1) I have run into some technical issues (trying to avoid getting flagged as spam amongst some others)

          2) I have had an incredibly busy work week.

          This evening I plan on changing my track and sending the emails out a different way.

          Once again, I apologize for the delay, it will be more streamlined next year.


  4. If we entered beers into the competition from out of town, how do we find out the results and also recover the judging feedback sheets on the beers?


    1. Hi Markus,

      We will be posting results on the website (EG: if you win gold/silver/bronze in your category it will be posted).

      Everyone will also receive their scoresheets in two different ways:

      1. Physical copy mailed – You will receive your score sheets either in the mail, or delivered by a judge/steward/etc… We will have them mailed out promptly after the competition is completed.
      2. Digital copy emailed – You will receive your score sheets digitally in your email, ideally (may be delayed by gremlins) on Sunday.

      Nathan – Tech lead for the competition

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