Summer Updates: Big Brew, CMBTC Competition & More

Good morning Brew Bombers! We have some updates for you regarding the Big Brew, CMBTC Competition, and more!

This is just a summary, see your email for full details. If you haven’t been getting club emails, see #4 below.

1. Executives

Marc has transitioned everything to me and I’ve effectively taken over the President role. Thanks to all who voted for me. I look forward to making the upcoming season a great one for all of you.

Marc is still involved until the Big Brew and CMBTC competitions.

The Secretary role has been filled by Ryan Gren. Congratulations Ryan!

2. Big Brew at Nonsuch

Please sign up Before Friday as we need to give a final number to Nonsuch so they can order the ingredients. If you don’t remember if you signed up already or not, just sign up again and we’ll remove duplicates. This is an event for active, paid members.

3. CMBTC Competition

Registration is open!

As with the Big Brew, this is a special event for active, paid members.

4. Emails

I’ve been hearing that some folks aren’t getting the all-member emails. If you know of anyone affected, please report to the president email directly.

5. Social Media

I encourage you all to tag the club on your posts. If you’re not on social media, but want to help the club, send me some pictures of your beer, brewing, and related stuff and we can highlight it on the club accounts! This isn’t a club without it’s members so we should try to highlight you a lot more.

That’s all for now!


Dan Molinski