Month: September 2018

Next meeting – October 2nd, 7pm @ Torque Brewing

Hey Everyone,

We had a good showing of members at Tuesday’s meeting and a great energy! It was great seeing the members again after a summer off. There were many stories of brewing adventures over the summer flowing and some great beers were sampled. Also, we had a few new faces in the crowd! So a big welcome to everyone, old and new alike!

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7pm Tuesday October 2nd at Torque Brewing. See the calendar for the meeting schedule.

For October’s meeting we’re looking to do a “Show and Tell” of sorts. There are a lot of new brewers who may not have experience with some of the brewing gadgets out there. So if you have some neat (or perhaps obscure) brewing gadget that you would like to show and talk a bit about let us know at: