Month: March 2019

Big Brew – March 17th 2019

Hey Everyone,

For those that may not have been receiving the emails, the Big Brew is this Sunday March 17th and we still have some spots available. If you wish to attend please send me an email ASAP.

Here are some event details:

  • The event will start at 10 AM at Oxus brewing at 1180 Sanford St.
  • We’re doing a Pot-Luck, so bring a food item.
  • We are doing work so wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • The floors have an anti-slip coating but can still be slippery when wet. Please wear appropriate footwear with decent grip.
  • Bring a chair. There aren’t many chairs in the building, so if you don’t bring one you may be standing.
  • Bring a CLEAN carboy. We will have a sanitation station (starsan) setup, but you need to make sure it’s cleaned first.
    • If you bring a glass carboy make sure to bring a milk crate (or something similar) to transport it. Glass carboy on a cement floor isn’t a good plan.
  • In the event we have more wort than carboys you may want to bring a second carboy just in case.
  • Yeast will be pitched at home, not at the brewery.
    • Recommended yeast for this recipe is: Wyeast Labs #1968 (London ESB Ale).
    • This isn’t provided, and the choice of yeast is up to you.
  • Payment for the event will be collected at the event.

Here are some of the jobs / stations, at the start of the event we’ll organize people to the various jobs. Think about which one you want to be part of.

  • Mashing in / water chemistry
  • Vorlauf
  • Transfer to boil kettle
  • Empty and clean the mash tun
  • Boil station
  • Whirlpool
  • Knockout (chilling via the heat exchanger)
  • Boil kettle cleanup
  • Oxygenate the wort
  • Carboy sanitization
  • Carboy filling
  • General cleanup

Sean Richens will have a couple of informative presentations with a slideshows during the day.

Sean S will have a NEIPA (I believe) on tap for us 🙂

This should be a fun day of brewing, learning and hanging out with some really cool people. 🙂