Month: May 2020

Virtual Club Meeting – Guest Speaker: Maker’s Malt

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping well and keeping busy.

I’ve been in touch with Maker’s Malt in Saskatchewan and they’ve agreed to speak at one of our virtual events. In case you didn’t know, Maker’s Malt is a small maltster out of Saskatchewan that focuses on smaller craft breweries. They supply mostly Saskatchewan breweries but are starting to be used more in Manitoba, Barn Hammer and Brazen Hall are two Manitoba examples.

In the presentation they’ll be talking about their Malt (obviously), the growing of the barley, and their process of malting and then a Q&A period. So it’ll be a virtual field trip. 🙂

The presentation will be next Saturday (May 23rd at 1pm CDT).

I hope to see everyone there!


Club Brew Photo Contest & 2020 Virtual Windup

It should be clear by now that the usual club style competition isn’t going to happen since we can’t physically meet to evaluate everyone’s Rye IPA.  However, we didn’t want to lose out on the fun of the whole experience, so after some discussion the cub executives have decided to move forward with a Club Brew Photo Contest instead!  

Good luck to those of you who choose to participate!

To wrap up the 2019-2020 Season we’ll be doing a virtual club windup on Saturday June 6th.  It’ll be much like the virtual brew days we’ve done in the past month, but this time it’ll have a more formal agenda so that we can make some club announcements, explain a few things, do executive elections, and announce the photo contest winners!

So, we hope you will all join us even if you won’t be brewing (you could grill up your own steaks & burgers, ha ha).  Meeting link and details will be provided closer to the date.

Stay safe!

Virtual Club Meeting: Brad Smith Part 2 – BeerSmith

Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Saturday May 2nd @ 1pm CDT) We have our second presentation from Brad Smith. The topic of this presentation will be about using BeerSmith! This is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

The link to the meeting is:

Please try to show up 5 – 10 mins early just in case you have any issues connecting in.