Club Brew Hop Miscalculation

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We gave everyone 45 grams of Perle hops for the bittering addition.  If you add those in at the 60 minute mark, you will get an IBU in the mid 40s which is too high for a Schwarzbier.  This is up to you how you want to handle this:  you can just add in 34 grams at 60 minutes and have 11 grams left over or you can play with the timing of the additions to get the desired IBU’s without adding hop flavour.

Jared had a few things he wanted to add:

1.       Mash schedule: traditional German multistep mash vs. single step  (we talked about this at the meeting)

2.       90 minute boil, hop additions to 25-30 IBUs

3.       Wort aeration: achieve 10-12ppm using agitation or pure O2

4.       Pitching rates: chill to 44 degrees F then pitch 1.5 million cells per ml of wort per degree Plato. Yeast temperature at pitching should be within 10 degrees F of wort temperature. Two packs of W-34/70 rehydrated as per manufacturer product sheet or large/step-up starter chilled and decanted. We don’t want people attempting to dump a 5L starter into a 23L batch.

5.       Fermentation: ferment to 6-8 points above expected FG (1.020 is a good rule of thumb) then warm to above 60 degrees F for diacetyl rest. Leave beer on yeast until SG is consistent for three consecutive days. A week at room temperature after fermentation has slowed will ensure completion.

6.       Rack beer to secondary for lagering; 7 weeks at 32 degrees F.

7.       Force carbonate to around 2.1-2.4 atmospheres or bottle condition. Use ½ pack neutral ale yeast rehydrated at bottling and carbonate at 65-70 degrees for three weeks. Alternatively, beer may be cleared after primary fermentation, then bottled, then lagered.