December Meeting & Other News

December Meeting
The next meeting will be this Tuesday December 3rd at 7pm at Torque Brewing.  Remember to bring your off-the-wall beers as it’s the Club Creative Competition!
We hope you’re all looking forward to tasting all of the interesting brews. 

New “Home”
We’re happy to announce that Torque Brewing is now the official “Home Brewery” for the Winnipeg Brew Bombers!  This change comes as a result of the exceptional growth of the club over the past several years.  This growth brings with it new challenges, not the least of which is finding a space that can accommodate us on a regular basis.  This doesn’t mean we are saying goodbye to Half Pints – they will continue to host the season opener and windup BBQ every year.  This also doesn’t mean that every meeting will be at Torque – we are always working to include variety by holding meetings at new/interesting locations around Winnipeg.

Website Refresh
As you can see, the website has undergone a minor refresh.  All the same articles and posts are still here, and you may see some additional changes in the coming weeks.