End of Another Year

This was my first year as a member of the Winnipeg Brew Bombers and I had an excellent time and learned a lot about the art and the craft of home brewing.  I had been brewing for a little while before I joined and I was told that I made good beer, but after being in the club, my brew became measurably better.  I even won 2 gold and 2 silver medals at homebrew competitions across Canada.  The seasoned brewers at the WBB were always willing to give valuable advice and valid criticisms to our beer. Sean, our vice president and resident genius gave some very informative lessons on malt even though some of the info went slightly over my head (whoosh).

The club dues were $25 dollars and we each received ingredients to make a club brew (which is well over $25) and it also helped pay for the club wind-up which was held in early June.

Also, a special thanks goes out to Nathan Koop who helmed the club for the last few years and did a very admirable job.   I appreciate your efforts.  It was a great year and I hope I can fill your presidential shoes.


Nathan toasting to the Winnipeg Brew Bombers