Virtual Brew Day – Part Deux

Hey Everyone,

The Virtual Brew Day this past Sunday was a success. I had a great time, and I’m told that others did as well. So much fun was had that it was said that we should do this again.

So this Friday since it’s a holiday and we’ve got no where to be, we’re doing it again! I’ve now got my grains on order, and from talking with Paul, many others do too! If you haven’t, better get yours in soon so that you can have it before Friday.

I propose the same start time, 11:30 am. I’ll send out the link the day before. This time we’ll be using Webex as our account was finally approved (two hours after our event was done on Sunday). But we’ll give that one a shot. If not, we can go back to GSuite’s Meet. They both work the same.

Friday’s brew will be a Kolsch. 🙂

Hope to see everyone there!