Virtual Brew Day – Sunday April 5th

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to see everyone at the virtual brew day on Sunday. We’ll be using google meet (the GSuite version of google hangouts). It will allow up to 250 in the view meetup.

So far the plan is simple…

  • We’ll be starting the brew day at 11:30am this coming Sunday (April 5th).
  • I’ll have a laptop setup that will be setup so that it tries to show a decently wide view of the brewing area (my kitchen), we’ll see how that works.
  • I encourage others to setup a laptop/tablet/phone? to capture them brewing as well.
  • We brew, chat, ask questions, etc…

I’ve never done something like this before (well, not on a large scale anyways). So this may turn out to be pure chaos… but either way it’ll be fun.

Once I get the Meetup officially setup I’ll email a link and post it online on our website, facebook and anywhere else I can think of. In theory, you should be able to follow that link and join the meeting.

The invite is open to everyone, you don’t have to be brewing something in order to participate.