Virtual Meeting Oct. 5th 2021

Hey Everyone,

October’s meeting will be a virtual meeting. We’re still getting our ducks in a row so that we can feel comfortable holding an in-person meeting. I’ll elaborate more at the meeting.

To kick the season off, Steph will be giving her presentation about mead that she did for the CHA Summit called: “The Bee is Back: The Rise and Return of Mead”.

For this meeting, we’re following the CHA’s (Canadian Homebrewer’s Association) lead and trying out a new style of online gathering software. This one is called Topia. You will have a “character” that you can move around a virtual room. As you approach another character their audio and video will fade in, and out as you move away. This will allow groups of people to have multiple conversations without having to talk over everyone. It was a neat concept that worked very well. No special software is required. Just a browser.

Steph will send out a link to the meeting just before the meeting.