Windup BBQ – Half Pints @ 7pm – 9pm

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the windup is this coming Tuesday (June 4th). It’s hosted at Half Pints once again. I’ve talked with several members and it sounds like we’re going to have some great home brews in attendance. The club executive have also brewed a couple kegs as well.

Remember to bring a chair! Or you’ll be standing most of the night.

It’s been a great season and it has flown by really fast. I’ve learned a lot of things along the way and will be staying on as President to continue this journey. 🙂

Sean Richens has decided to step down as Vice President so we’ll be holding an election to fill both the Vice President and the Secretary positions. So if anyone would like to step up and take on those roles raise your hands at the BBQ.

And remember, get a ride, or take a cab. Great beer, great food, great people, and great times. We want everyone to be safe.