Author: Secretary

October Competition

In honour of Oktoberfest, we have decided to run a mini German beer competition for our October meeting. The styles accepted will be: Oktoberfest Lager, German Wheat Beer or Altbier.

If you plan on making an Oktoberfest Lager, you would need to get started on it in the next week or two because that beer needs to lager for some time (usually, the breweries brew that lager in March so it can be ready in October but I think it still can be good if you start on it shortly).

So, dust off your lederhosen and get ready to brew a German beer.  Nathan Koop has agreed to pull out his accordian and play some polka music. 😉  (Steve G, keep your thoughts to yourself)


POLL: Brew Bomber Gear?

.We’d love to get everyone’s thoughts on potential Brew Bomber branded merchandise for the coming year. Vote below and leave a comment if you have other ideas.

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HUGE Thanks

As our year comes to a close, I just want to take a second to thank our club’s major sponsors. The club would not be what it is, or do what it does without Half Pints Brewing Company and The Grape and Grain. This year, Scotty and the Grape and Grain crew, had their hands full making up extra “club brew kits” well into the new year! Scotty makes space for the club in his busy store (sometimes unexpectedly!!) and is always available to answer questions, give opinions and sample beers.

This year, Brew Master Dave let the club into his prized, Half Pints Brewery . He guided us through a typical brew day. We milled grain, mashed a “maximum capacity batch”, boiled in his beautiful kettle and took home some fantastic wort! Dave also opens his doors to the club every other month to host our meets and hosted the clubs “year end wrap up” party. He’s always got great advice for taking your brewing to the next level.

Thanks to Dave, Scotty, The Grape and Grain and Halfpints for all your support this year. We appreciate the extra effort you put in to make our meetings and events happen. We could not have had as much fun without you!

Our next meeting will be September 11, 2012 at 7:30pm(location to be announced). I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer.