Author: Secretary

First Meeting of the 2019/2020 Season!

Hi Everyone!

Our first meeting will be 7pm, Tuesday September 10th at Half Pints Brewing Company, 550 Roseberry St.

Remember to bring $40 cash to cover your club registration fee. This covers your ingredients for the club brew, and your steak at the season windup meeting.

We’ll be giving everyone a general overview of the season ahead of us, including:
-Planned future meeting topics
-Club kit style
-Open style club competition (start brewing soon!)

Food groups will be assigned after our first meeting so feel free to bring food if you will want a snack.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Next Meeting – September 11th 2018 @ 7pm

Hey Everyone,

To kick things off we’re having the first meeting on September 11th @ 7pm at Half Pints Brewing Co. The meetings to follow, will be the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of January, that meeting will be the second Tuesday as most people are recovering from the holiday festivities.

The first meeting will be mostly informal, a meet and greet and a time to catch up with fellow members and share stories of our brewing adventures over the summer. I’m sure there’s some good stories waiting!

Club dues are $40 for the year. This will get you a club beer kit (your choice of all grain or partial extract) and a steak at the final meeting/BBQ in June. We’ll be collecting the membership dues at this meeting so come prepared. 🙂

I’ll see you there!

First meeting of the 2017 Season will be Held Sept 12th at Half Pints

A new Brewbombers season is finally upon us.  We hope you all had a great summer with plenty of time to make and consume some great homebrew.  Our first meeting will be September at Half Pints Brewing Company 550 Roseberry St.  Please be there for 7pm

Remember to bring $40 cash for registration dues which includes ingredients for this years club brew.

Remember to also bring cash for the raffle.

If anyone still has Oktoberfest left from the Marzen club kit last year please bring a few bottles for our opening in house competition.

Food groups will be assigned after our first meeting so feel free to bring food if you will want a snack.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

October Meeting

Monthly meeting Tuesday is upon us! This Tuesday we will be at Half Pints, usual start at 7:30! This month, Sean will be doing a talk on brewing! Covering almost everything from A-Z as a higher level overview. I thought this was a fantastic topic as it may help out our new members, and anyone who want to improve their process to make better beer!

Don’t forget to brew your porter for December for you chance to choose this year’s Big Brew!