2012 / 2013 WBB Brewer of the year is…

Nathan Koop.

Congrats Nathan on winning Winnipeg Brew Bomber Brewer of the year and thanks for all the hard work you put into making our club’s year awesome.  Nathan put in a lot of effort designing and purchasing WBB bottle openers, he organized a judging trip to ALES comp in Regina to represent the Brew Bombers, he helped make Swim Manitoba’s craft beer night a success, he is studying to become a BJCP judge, he donated countless beers to our raffles and for the club to try, and he is presently a integral member of the committee to make our first ever Pro-AM brew challenge  a reality.  This is what Nathan said about the night he won:

“Last brewclub meeting of the year last night.

1) I got some beers from a club member
2) I won the raffle
3) I won the competition (and Jeremy Koop too)
4) I won the BrewBomber of the Year

Pretty good night.”

Thanks again, Nathan and I can’t wait to see who steps up next year to win the coveted prize of WBB Brewer of the Year.

October Competition

In honour of Oktoberfest, we have decided to run a mini German beer competition for our October meeting. The styles accepted will be: Oktoberfest Lager, German Wheat Beer or Altbier.


If you plan on making an Oktoberfest Lager, you would need to get started on it in the next week or two because that beer needs to lager for some time (usually, the breweries brew that lager in March so it can be ready in October but I think it still can be good if you start on it shortly).

So, dust off your lederhosen and get ready to brew a German beer.  Nathan Koop has agreed to pull out his accordian and play some polka music. 😉  (Steve G, keep your thoughts to yourself)


POLL: Brew Bomber Gear?

.We’d love to get everyone’s thoughts on potential Brew Bomber branded merchandise for the coming year. Vote below and leave a comment if you have other ideas.

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New Executive for 2013-2014

During the May meeting, we elected a new board for the WBB’s 2013-2014 brew year.

They are:

President: Mark Borowski

Vice-President: David Phillips

Treasurer: Ken Allan

Secretary: Brett Aho

A special thanks goes out to Sean and Jack who have spent many years on the board lending their wisdom and expertise to the membership.